Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 399 of Wednesday 13 February 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While the noose tightens around Kylian, Victor Brunet tries to take advantage of the death of Chantal. Martin, for his part, is convinced that something is happening between Victory and Samuel. Capture d'screen/DNA Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1 ! If you do not want to know, go your way !! Wednesday, February 13, in Tomorrow belongs to us… The noose tightens around Kylian Kylian learns to Margot that Chantal Dumas, the butcher, is deceased. Margot tries to reassure him by repeating that this is an accident, but Kylian realizes that he has killed someone and starts to panic. Karim, for his part, remains convinced of the guilt of Kylian and his theory to Lucy. According to him, Victor Brunet, who seeks to destroy the movement vegan by making it unpopular, is behind all of this, and has used Kylian by using his weakness : his need of money to meet the needs of his great-aunt. Lucy discovers soon that the aunt of Kylian was in the red and that she was three months behind in its payments to the nursing home. And it is precisely Kylian, there are a few days, restored the situation by paying 6000 euros in cash, and committing to the establishment that the rest of the sum would happen very soon. All that is missing so the two cops is a proof that Kylian has obtained this money from the Brunet. Victor Brunet, who, in parallel, decided to use the death of Chantal to improve its image. With the help of Lou, he shot a video in which he says that Chantal and him shared the same convictions and that he wants to give his name to his project of a factory farm to pay homage to him. The video was soon posted on Info Sète and Flora is the approach of Brunet disgusting. But this video also creates tension in her relationship with Arnaud, who think that it is once again a very good shot of comm from his friend. Kylian, meanwhile, has decided to go to the police but Margot begs him not to and offers him from all the two away from Sète. Their discussion, however, is interrupted by Alex who found them in bed and puts Kylian outside, causing once again the wrath of Margot. And finally, at the end of the day, it is Georges who puts the hand on evidence that could well involve Kylian in the death of Chantal. Then it releases a HOMELESS person who was in a cell sobering up, he finds the earth a false tooth. Like the one that was missing to Chantal after her assault. Bilel thought he had found an ally in Corkas In a parlor, Leïla ad Bilel that, according to his lawyer, his request for transfer is not a priority and could take weeks before it is examined by the prosecutor and the sentencing judge. Bilel has then the impression that all the world care about him and is afraid to finish slain by Ryad. But he can count on the support of Corkas, his co-inmate, who assures him that he will help, and that Riyadh will do her no more harm. And actually, a little later, when Bilel walking in the corridors of the prison and crosses Ryad, the latter being shown in a first time threatening before change of behavior and confess to Bilel that he did not want to risk getting into trouble with Corkas and that he will now leave him alone. Feeling liberated, Bilel rushes to thank Corkas and promises his former cell-mate that he reward it one day. But he did not doubt that Corkas and Ryad have actually spent a market whose only purpose was precisely to push Bilel to be liable for Corkas. Martin is convinced that Victory layer with Chardeau Martin, his side, and asks George if Victory was released yesterday evening and if she was alone or accompanied, and George claims that he sees very little in this moment because it is always in speed and spends his time in the hospital. Martin is convinced, then, that Victory has a lover in the hospital and that it is likely Samuel Chardeau. It, therefore, makes on-site to have the heart net and falls precisely on Victory and Chardeau, who are discussing a patient, laugh, and appear very close to one another. He confronts so Samuel, who, amused, decides not to deny his accusations. An alleged romance that amuses even Victory is said that if Martin wants to imagine in a relationship with Samuel, why prevent it. But later, the roommate, then that Victory and George kiss in the living room, Lucy comes without warning and the young lovebirds go to two fingers to see their love story burst at the great day. How long will they still be able to preserve their secret ?

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